We're the ones your mother warned your about...No, seriously. We are.

In Shreds..
A Series of Unfortunate Automotive Events
~ Claris

I'm not sure who it was that decided every so often my life should have a day which borrows events from plotlines belonging in the independent film industry...
...but if I find out who you are, I'm gonna beat the shit out of you.

In Tatters:

  • Single! Siiiingle!
    ~ Sarah

    Revenue Canada, why can I not claim my cat?
    Life should be like a ski resort...

  • How many Rocket Scientists does it take to install a washing machine?
    ~ CB Bro

    Yes CB Bro moved again, & there are more stories.
    That couldn't be too hard.

  • My liberal angst
    ~ Darklady

    The Green Bay football coaches get less armchair quarterbacking than the Kerry campaign does these days.
    There will be no medals for merely surviving this campaign, only for winning it.

  • Yah, I can drive.
    ~ Claris

    The fun and profit to be found in being a chick that drives stick.
    As a valet, ya big bunch o' pervs. Yes, YOU.

  • Park A Car, Oust an Asshole.
    ~ Claris

    Why Michael Moore made voting worth $1700 for me.
    We Can Detain You, You Know.

  • The Rules of the Abode.
    Group Activity Assignment!
    ~ Amaranth, Robyn & Claris

    Help FlyBoy & I establish perameters of engagement for while he's on my couch....

    It would seem that if left to our own devices we will create a two person society based around that of "Lord of the Flies"...
    *note - the results of this Group Activity have been postponed...

  • So You Wanna Be A Rock Superstar...
    ~ Claris

    How answering the wrong craigslist ad had Claris auditioning for a record label.
    I swear, this is a completely logical path of events. Totally.

  • The Contract Agreement
    ~ Anya

    On the one hand, there's the part of me screaming in terror....
    Then the mercenary part of me thought, "Hrm..."

  • The Nine Dollar IKEA Lamp.
    ~ Claris

    IKEA is insidiously bent on world domination through furniture.
    Those deceptively friendly Swedes forced their way into my house...

  • NoDignity.com Store!
    Anya & Sam as moral philosophies... what? It could work!

    * Must * Regain * Brain*
    Quotes page update! (03/15/05)

    Aardvark Lurve & Jipsy Girl's Ants...
    You thought Seska's vodka was bad...

    And in the Archives:

  • Can an ant drive drunk?
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  • Huh:
    Web Fu: The Singing Dictionary.
    No, it's okay. You read that right the first time.
    Needless to say, Sam's been wandering the internet again.

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