Our sad little lives, your comic relief.


Yes! I escaped the quote page this month!

- DarkLady
Just for that, I can tell you right now that you just made next month.
- Claris

Anyway, the verdict is costochondritis. Or as the doctor explained it to me, I sprained my chest. Who knows why or how, it just is. Take some advil and buck up.
- Vanessa
You sprained your chest? Dude. That's like, the BEST conversation-stopping ailment I've ever heard.
- SarahNicole

Of course, most likely I will go into severe withdrawal and wander the streets in a fugue until eventually someone will find me in the television section of the local Best Buy.
- Polgara

I should be redoing my nails or getting ready for both works tomorrow. But instead, I sit here, watching grown men play a game for astronomical amounts of money and cursing my serotonin-depleted brain.
- Amberlynne

aww, if I hadn't already decided I'm marrying my TiVO, I'd marry you! *smooch*
- Closet B

I've said this before, but once again the shocking brutality of the French Revolution makes a little more sense.
- drownedinink

he's got Brian Krakow hair!
(is that like having Bette Davis eyes?)

- Chrissy

I'm not packed for the trip, but considering that I'll be done with work 2 hours before them, I think I'm ok. My make-up is packed. And that's the important thing.
- KitCat

back later.
Possibly IMing from prison

- OzLady

just because I don't remember filling the wine glass the third time, does not mean it didn't happen.
- Little Sister

Well, I'm not the best person to be answering, I suppose, as my faith could best be described as "apatheistic."
- Closet B

Come be a Jew with me! We skip the middle man, it's all Old Testament, no worries about the sequel.
- Allyson

For myself, I have no real desire to see it, not because I'm hiding from anything but more because it seems like stuff I already know. I'd rather pay to see mindless fluff.
- shehawken

Ah, well. Life, She takes & She gives, & one day I'll get my revenge & run Her over with my Baby SUV.
And then I'll back up.
And go forward again.

- Claris

OzLady: I am done wiht that shit
OzLady: And apparently good spelling as well

And now?
To the napcave! ::sproing!crash!thud.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!::

- catses

I wasn't drunk last night, nor did I consume any suspicious substances, nor was I seen in a karaoke bar singing "stand by your man."
- Megadalen

I probably should have known to takn it with a grain of salt when I saw that one of the Confederate generals was being played by Meatloaf.
- Closet Buffyholic

"apoxy might be a better alternative for a sealant instead of home sautering"
apoxy? sautering? I now take the opportunity to mock your spelling. Ha! The worm has turned! The hunter has become the hunted! Some other applicable metaphor here!
(of course this only works if you didnt mean eppoxy and soldering and actually typed the correct words)

- Mr. Whyt
Wouldn't that "epoxy" have just one "p"?

- Moppety
fucking hell, my one moment of glory and i blew it.
- Mr. Whyt

It still upsets me that I can't get to know them better, but the bonus of porn and pretty helps ease the pain. *g*
- Amberlynne

Don't worry, I'm not trying to change social order, I was just trying to find a good use of profits so that my kids don't become greedy, stupid, little trolls much like practically everyone on MTV is.
- Rocket Science Guy

ok. i am gone. i hear some peppers with ranch dressing calling my name.
(i am ignoring the potato chips that are calling my name)

- Amaranth

Major news could break that Tom DeLay's medical records reveal he has horns and a spiked tail, and sports the letters "666" on his scalp, and people in Texas would still vote for him.
- Closet Buffyholic

It's not a good day when your standards have dropped to that level, but I'm not sure I care.
- electricland

oh, god, how it hurt to realize that it is true, and that kate and i can never be best friends, because i'm old enough to be her skanky unwed teenaged mother.
- Willa

It was fun while it lasted, but hey all good things come to an end. Of course they don't usually say that it's a fiery hellish kind of end, but an end all the same.
- Greeneyes

At the gym over the weekend I saw Justin's video for I'm Loving It. I was confused and thought it was just a really long McD's commercial.
- KitCat

*insert story from Claris about her office*
Chrissy : dude, how do you deal with those people?
Claris : Have you noticed that I drink more now?

Claris : so the part where I still think she can go fuck herself sideways with a rusty chainsaw...you edited that out. *g*
Amaranth : yes. I did. I didnt think it was suitable conversation for Ruby Tuesdays
Claris : I'll grant that.

I'd write something coherent but the drool is short-circuiting my keyboard.
- lemonpip

Co-workers think they can out trend me... I don't THINK so.
- KitCat

Amaranth: hey did FlyBoy tell you about his experience in PA yet?
Claris: nope.
Amaranth: oh jesus.
Amaranth: chekc this out
Amaranth: on his way through pennsylvania to CA sees this store withthe following sign " Fireworks and Karate Lessons"
Of course he stops.
Apparently whoever owns it or was there last, left the door open...he walks in and the alarm GOES OFF.
he hightailed it out of there, I'll tell you what
Claris: *snerk*
Amaranth: moron
Amaranth: i told him to just take pictures from now on
Claris: see? Driving cross country is FUN

I can't seem to find the kitty thermometer I had in the last apartment to check her temperature. Course, she probably hid it. I mean I don't want a plastic wand shoved up my ass, why should she?
- Little Sister

Okay, I'm abandoning you to your fate now. Have fun with that!
- Anya

June 15, 2004